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Why should I cover my registers/vents?

The Environmental Protection Agency-Energy Star reports the average residential home can loose up to 20% of its heat annually through faulty, leaky and poorly constructed air-conditioning ducts.  The Elima-Draft® Cover eliminates heat loss right where the heat loss begins, at the registers/vents.  The Elima-Draft® cover forms a barrier around your registers/vents that keeps warm air in and cold air out. Independent testing reports the average homeowner can save as much as 10% annually on their home energy bills.

I have new registers/vents do I still need to cover them?

Yes, whether you have new or old registers/vents, it is recommended that you cover them.  Existing registers/vents have “louvers”, moving parts and open spaces inside them.  These louvers when “closed” fail to form a tight seal. Heated air will still rise into your ducts and cold drafts will still travel downward into your living area.  Additionally, most registers/vent are made of metal, which acts as a conductor for cold temperatures and could lead to condensation build-up on the register/vent itself.

How do I know what size Elima-Draft® Cover to buy?

Measure the outside dimension of your register. This measurement will correspond to the Elima-Draft cover item number you need (ie: ELMDFT11A will fit a register 11″ x 11” that is aluminum). Our 4 in 1 rectangle cover will fit vents sized from 6” x 12” up to 8” x 14.

What size should I buy if my vent measurements differ from your available sizes?

Our covers are designed to cover the most common size/style HVAC vents on the market; however, there will always be vents that do not fit exactly into the size recommendations we provide. If you need a cover, but are unsure which size/style to get, please email us a picture of the vent in question, along with the exact outside dimensions, and one of our team members will get back to you to determine if we have a cover to fit your needs.

If I have questions about your covers or need assistance, where can I go for help?

Simply contact one of our Customer Care Specialists at 1-877-77-DRAFT or email customerservice@elima-draft.com.  One of our experienced staff specialists will be available to assist you.

How do the covers attach to the vents in my home?

Elima-Draft® Magnetic Register/Vent covers attach to interior ceiling and walls registers/vents with magnets.  The magnets are attached to the underside of the covers and when they are placed over registers/vents, a magnetic draw occurs and the Elima-Draft® Cover will attach to your registers/vents.  You can cover all of your ceiling/wall registers/vents in seconds, not hours.  Easy on and easy off.

Do I need to repurchase them year after year?

No. Elima-Draft® Magnetic Covers are re-usable year after year.  We have designed them with the consumer in mind.  They are a one time investment that will bring you years and years of comfort.

What is the Elima-Draft® Cover made from?

Our covers are made from high quality Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) plastic.  They are long lasting, durable easy to clean and paint-able.  In addition to the excellent insulative properties associated with the ABS plastic, we have added an additional layer of insulation for maximum draft protection and increased energy savings.

What do I need to do to paint my Elima-Draft covers?

  1. Place a small amount of dish soap on dry sponge and clean the cover. When the surface is completed soaped up, rinse it with clean water and use paper towels to dry the surface. Set the cover aside for half an hour to dry completely.
  2. Rub the surface of the cover with a fine-grade sandpaper; you do not want to scratch the surface but gently abrade it. The surface should no longer feel “glass-smooth” when you are done. ABS requires no primer paint, but the surface must be abraded before the paint is applied.
  3. Apply the solvent-based paint with your paintbrush to the cover in thin layers. Allow each layer to dry completely according to the instructions on your brand of paint before applying the next layer.