Our bedroom is not cold anymore!

My husband and I have been freezing in our bedroom for years. Our thought process was that it may have been due to a baseboard heater issue. Or, perhaps, because our bedroom was on the larger side, we figured it might just be difficult to keep warm. However, when we heard of this product and found it.. we bought it! I cannot tell you the difference it has made. Our bedroom is not cold anymore. It makes us so frustrated to think of how many years we’ve been sleeping in a cold bedroom and simply losing our heat(& money) out of our vents! We first bought just the one cover for our bedroom but now we’ve covered all of our vents. It truly was not much of an investment to do so, especially considering the savings we’re making in our heating bill by not losing all our heat through our vents! This product was a cinch to install and actually makes the walls/ceilings look nicer with them! LOVE this product!

Dana M. Roslyn, NY