For years, in the winter, I have been fighting with the drafts coming from my AC vents. Annually I would remove the vent covers and stuff Styrofoam in the vent to cut down on the drafts. After ordering and installing the 11×11 covers I can actually sit under the vents and not feel a draft. The units seem to blend into the ceiling and they are not an eye-sore. The staff was extremely accommodating in helping me install some vents over smaller openings and they function as advertised, also. We are very satisfied with these vent covers.

Carl V.

I purchased about 20 of the 24″ x 24″ commercial vent covers. The covers are perfect balance of quality and strength but not too heavy. They attach with high quality magnets which keep them extremely secure. I spoke and emailed Mike several times, he’s extremely helpful and friendly. All in all a very happy customer.


I have practiced veterinary medicine for 42 years.I have also presided over emergency clinic operations in my home county for eighteen years. I know the importance of clean air flow during invasive surgeries. This is especially true in orthopedic and thoracic procedures. The Elima-Draft system has markedly improved our operating environment and has dramatically reduced our post operative infection rate. This system has dramatically improved air quality throughout our entire medical facility as well as reduced operating costs.Additionally, I use this system in my own home and have seen similar benefits as to heating and cooling costs!!. Great invention!!

Dr. Kevin G. Lynch D.V.M.

I have installed the covers and so far everything is great. My wife is very happy with the appearance as opposed to the plastic and tape I did in the past. I have recommended the company to several friends already. Your customer service has been top notch!

Andrew H.

We have been using Elima-Draft filtration covers behind our bars for several months and since the first day of use, we have seen a significant reduction in dust, especially noticeable on bottles. Elima-Draft helps keep our bar looking perfect! Thanks.

Miller's Lake Grove Ale House

Thank you, thank you, and thank you. Up until this year, I’ve been cutting pieces of plexi-glass and covering my registers to stop cold drafts and heat loss. My solution was costly, time consuming and the finished product was unsightly, but now I have a faster, easier way to put them up, and one that looks great as well. Your covers are the best.

Margaret L.

My husband and I have been freezing in our bedroom for years. Our thought process was that it may have been due to a baseboard heater issue. Or, perhaps, because our bedroom was on the larger side, we figured it might just be difficult to keep warm. However, when we heard of this product and found it.. we bought it! I cannot tell you the difference it has made. Our bedroom is not cold anymore. It makes us so frustrated to think of how many years we’ve been sleeping in a cold bedroom and simply losing our heat(& money) out of our vents! We first bought just the one cover for our bedroom but now we’ve covered all of our vents. It truly was not much of an investment to do so, especially considering the savings we’re making in our heating bill by not losing all our heat through our vents! This product was a cinch to install and actually makes the walls/ceilings look nicer with them! LOVE this product!

Dana M.

When I got a set of your covers, I thought they might make a LITTLE difference. To my surprise, I have saved one entire oil fill this year. Considering what a cold winter we had, that makes it even more amazing. We also got one of your return covers. The back rooms of the house were always colder than the rest. Now all the rooms stay the same temperature. Installation is so easy. The whole house took about fifteen minutes. What a great product! I have recommended you to many of my friends.

Vince P.

I recently purchased seven AC register vent covers and I am very pleased with the product. I noticed that there has been a change in the temperature in the rooms where I have installed the covers. In one room in particular, the den, I noticed a change in the room temperature and it seems that it has eliminated the draft coming from the vent. Your product is excellent.

James & Patricia D

I just wanted to let you know how well your cover worked for me. This is the solution for our issues and we are very pleased. Thank you for a good product that works!

Ed B.